About me


Hello, world! I'm Wei-Ming Thor. It's customary to place the surname first in many Asian cultures, which explains why my website's name is twm.me. I grabbed the .me domain back when it was all the rage, perfectly fitting as this site is a personal canvas for sharing my coding journey.

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My journey into the world of coding began unexpectedly, inspired by the depiction of a tech revolution in The Social Network. The idea that just a few lines of code could change the world ignited a passion in me that still burns brightly today. During my university years, my curiosity led me to dive deep into multiple domains. I wasn't just a student; I was an explorer in the vast universe of technology. From AI to the endless languages of programming, WordPress to intricate backend systems, and the artistry of frontend to the utility of mobile development, I tried to learn it all.

Professional Pathway

Post-university, I began my career in a software development studio, eventually running my own. Those years were like boot camps for everything under the technological sun—from coding to UX design and the nitty-gritty of business.

However, the desire to deeply engage with a product and take on greater ownership led me to the fascinating world of AI/ML, working at SUPA, a company specializing in data labeling. This role was not just a job; it offered a profound insight into the nuances of artificial intelligence and machine learning, fields that are reshaping our future.

Why twm.me?

I launched twm.me as a beacon for fellow coders navigating their paths in the tech world. With over a decade of experience, my goal extends beyond offering simple tutorials. I aim to share the entire spectrum of a coder's life—the triumphs, the challenges, and everything in between.

twm.me is more than just a blog; it represents a decade of coding adventures, personal reflections, and professional insights, all crafted to inspire and educate. Whether you are a seasoned coder or just beginning your journey, you will find resources here to guide you, stories to motivate you, and perhaps even a community to join.

Although FAANG companies often dominate the discourse in our field, it's crucial to acknowledge that the challenges faced by most software engineers are markedly different from those at the largest tech companies. The majority of us are not managing thousands of containers or fine-tuning performance by milliseconds; instead, we tackle practical, everyday problems in diverse and unique environments. At twm.me, I strive to demystify the "FAANG dogma" and make technology accessible and relevant to engineers everywhere, no matter where they work.