How to use Poka-Yoke to improving software quality

Poka-Yoke is often used in manufacturing to prevent errors. However, it's not extensively used in Software Engineering. Errors are only discovered and…

How to avoid installing Node.js packages globally and use node_modules instead

It is a very common practice to install NPM packages globally. It's an easy method to install and run executable programs that helps with your development.

The 12 essential status codes you need to know for your APIs

There are many dozen HTTP status response codes that you can return from your back-end API. Fortunately, you do not need to know and memorize every single one…

How to make your Node.js app restart automatically when you make changes during development

This guide would show you how you can make your Node.js application reload automatically whenever you make changes to your code during development. It helps…

Best practice for installing Node.js for developers on Mac OS [2023]

There are many ways for you to install and setup Node.js. This guide would you how you can best setup Node.js your Mac as a developer

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